Partnerships With Clarified Calibration

Manzo Media is an established pioneer in performance-based marketing. Our team’s approach is multi-service and comprehensive, allowing us to work with 100+ advertisers across multiple networks and via 50+ Publisher programmes. If you decide to, you can become one of the diverse affiliate partners that we help to achieve boundless strategic development.

Performance-Based Marketing at Its Best

Manzo Media is a top-performing partner network that offers all-inclusive solutions to publishers and advertisers alike. The network we’ve created provides cutting-edge payment options and boasts entrenched access to 100+ affiliate programmes. Using the unique structure that Manzo Media has created, our affiliate partners can look forward to accessing numerous levels of digital marketing tools that are guaranteed to boost performance.

For Advertisers

Boost your products and/or services with Manzo Media’s pre-integrated, cost-effective solutions and access tens of thousands of assorted publishers. This is above and beyond:

Tactical discovery around partnerships and a strategic management platform.
A focused master plan when it comes to recruiting publishers.
Expert account management.
A compliance team dedicated to your brand.
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For Publishers

You can earn tailored commissions when you promote services and products via the Manzo Media Partner Marketing Platform. Access more than 100+ advertisers in one great setting and enjoy:

A means to utilise offer feeds, product supplies, real time reporting, and APIs.
Solutions for monetising content.
Speedy payouts, with these made within seven days for the best performers.
Experienced, live support systems and expert account management.
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Custom Solutions

Tailor your Partnership Programme with Manzo Media’s flexible solutions. If you need an unconventional solution or approach, we’re exactly what you’re looking for. Our team offers:

A method that goes far beyond just employing traditional affiliate practices. Our products have been created so that they can easily adapt to whatever needs your business model dictates.
Solutions by our agency that are personalised enough to fit your particular requirements.
Individualised Partnership agreements.
Partnerships founded on strategy to be both unique and specific.
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Unmatched Versatility

Whether you are an advertiser, a merchant, or a publisher, Manzo Media has the solutions you have been looking for and possibly some that you weren’t even aware you needed! Our team dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s as it attends to your company’s every want.

Unlimited Opportunities

Manzo Media has an established network of tens of thousands of affiliates and numerous business partners to access as we work at boosting your brand and getting your company’s products and/or services into the public eye. Our experience and skill are put to work getting your firm to the footing it should be enjoying.

Unrivalled Support

Manzo Media knows exactly what sort of support you’re looking for and has the means to provide it in spades. Our team is characterised as being experienced, connected, professional, innovative, and forward-thinking and we put all these qualities at the forefront of every project we tackle.