Manzo Media is a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution tailor-made for publishers. We employ an all-under-one-roof strategy that allows us to work with a database of 10 000+ advertiser partnerships comprising more than 50 networks.

If you choose to partner with our team, you can look forward to benefiting from the entrenched relationships we’ve fostered with diverse advertisers, along with the long experience and knowledge of strategy that we bring to the table. You can also take advantage of our network scale as we arrange for one-of-a-kind industry remittance on your behalf.

Publisher Services


Manzo Media has a Web Service API that delivers a complete suite of methods to facilitate content delivery for companies interested in accessing a strong, automatic integration with our platform. Your brand will benefit from a full API set that eliminates manual task requirements.


Flexilinks is characterised by affiliate links that automatically allow publishers to come up with high-quality content. You won’t have to manually create each link. Simply enter code snippets using this plug-and-play solution and you’ll see them instantly recognising both new and established brand links.


Ascertain access to a database with 600 million+ products using Manzo Media’s data feeds. The product feed tool that our team has created has a unified format attribute that provides products updated on a daily basis via FTP in CSV/XML formats or API.


Whether we’re talking about mentioning specific items or posting reviews about products, Manzo Media’s Comparison Widgets are excellent tools. Utilising this tool will allow you to locate stores where products are sold and see the prices displayed of whatever affiliate programmes have been joined.


Coupons and special offers play a vital role in ensuring that visitors become buyers. Manzo Media helps you do this by offering a single feed that delivers access to these deals and it is updated on a daily basis across over 10 000+ advertisers.


Deep Linking will see able to optimise your traffic by redirecting visitors to your site on the precise page of the product requiring promotion. The Manzo Media platform provides several ways for you to generate Deep Links to advertise specific items and/or landing pages.

Publisher Benefits

We’re happy to tell you that Manzo Media has made Affiliate Marketing simpler with our Publisher Benefits. The network we boast offers you the latest and greatest online-only offers, products, and promotions from niche advertisers and better-known brands alike. Our devoted team takes on the burden of managing all the moving parts encompassing Affiliate Marketing with total solutions designed to suit your particular needs. Enjoy the availability of advanced payment options, industry-leading remittance, and paid placement opportunities that go way beyond Affiliate standards and Our Share Programme is a revenue-sharing model that sees you able to tap into new income streams by simply referring concepts and business to Manzo Media. Enjoy filtering options that reveal reporting results via advertiser, campaign, category, and product while adding new partnerships and deepening existing affiliate relationships whilst simultaneously revealing incremental opportunities.